About Me...

Welcome to my spin on the world of photography! I have spent years running around the US, literally. I am an ultra trail runner, and its my passion and being. What is ultra running? Well it means I run anything over the standard marathon (26.2 miles or 42 km). Standard distances are 50km, 50 miler, 100km, and 100 miler. They can vary in between that, and some that are even longer, but you aren't here to have me bore you with running. No you are here for photography! 

Through out my running, I have come love the outdoors. Running through the Grand Canyon, up the mountains of Pennsylvania, and through the forests of Oregon, I have come to love all the sight I have seen. Being outdoor provides me mental clarity and helps to sooth my soul. I have truly found myself getting lost in the outdoors. It is for this very reason that I picked up a camera years ago. I wanted to capture these sights and moments that I have experienced. My hope is that they inspire others to go out and have an adventure. Life is too short not to explore this large planet we call home. No matter where you are, there is always an adventure to be had. 

I hope my photography inspires you to adventure, believe in breath taking sights, and to get out and find your own special places on this planet!